Blacksmith Legacy has released a full-length CD (2013) and an EP (2015).

They are working on new songs and intend to release one single and a full-length CD in 2017.

The band actually had a world premiere of a new song "Burn Down in Hell" at the gig on the M/S Harmony "RockBåten" in Helsingborg November 24th.


CD´s, Ep´s And More

"Metal Never Dies" 2015

1. Close To The Abyss

2. Forged

3. Metal Never Dies

4. Saints And Sinners

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"Let The Game Begin" 2013

1. Let The Game Begin

2. Dance In The Fire

3. A Viking Story

4. Good Times

5. We Are One

6. Internal Flame

7. Power Of Machines

8. Mindbender

9. Children Of Our Time

10. Creature Time

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